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Ibizan Hounds
Ibizan Hound
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As members of Team Serandida, we are being very selective about the advertisers that we are allowing to place ads. We have a very target specific site visitor market and we feel that each of our advertisers will receive great benefit from the visitors that our website is attracting. We are initially renting each ad space for a monthly fee, but we will convert to standard web Cost Per Click (CPC) rates as we gain more exposure and establish a track record. We understand that advertising on this new site will be a gamble for you at first, but you can already see the great content that has been compiled and presented, and it is only going to get better.

SITE PURPOSE - Our site is geared towards presenting the finest Serandida Ibizan Hounds, with the goal of educating the industry about the finer qualities of this breed.
SITE VISITORS - Our visitors are dog breeders and dog lovers who are interested in Ibizan Hounds.

JUDGES - We also have site visitors who are AKC judges. We strive to provide the most up to date breed information to help them stay informed on the Ibizan Hound breed.

GENERAL PUBLIC - SECONDARY - Other than word of mouth and search engine submissions, we have not yet developed a strategy to market our site to the rest of the world. For this reason we will not be accepting ads from general public-related firms.


We are not satisfied with just advertising our site through traditional search engines only, but we are focusing on the specialty dog show marketplace to get a very high percentage of target specific visitors.

DOMAIN NAME - We feel that the unique Serandida Kennels name and the domain name are becoming well known within the breed and the website comes up high when searching for Ibizan Hounds.
WHITE PAPERS - We have produced the first White Paper titled “Ibizan Hounds - Breed-At-Glance” and it is available for free download. To download the informative information the site visitor must first sign our guest book and agree to receive emails from us in the future.

SITE ADVERTISERS - We will accept ads from firms with specific products and services related to Ibizan Hounds. This includes:

  • BOOKS - Ibizan Hound specialty and breed related texts.
  • ART - Ibizan Hound related artwork.
  • TRAINING - Training for Ibizan Hound owners.
  • APPAREL - Specialty Ibizan Hound clothing and apparel.
  • DOG CARE - All pertinent dog care products for use with Ibizan Hounds.
  • OTHERS - If you feel that your product or service would benefit our highly targeted site visitors, then contact us with your idea.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that we feel is inappropriate.

SPECIALTY ARTICLES - If you have a specialty article related to the Ibizan Hound breed, then we welcome your submission. We will present all articles that we deem informative and of value.
  • SEMI-ANNUAL - Purchase 6 months and get the 7th month FREE.
  • ANNUAL - Purchase 12 months for the price of 10.

These rates are in effect only until we create our site traffic record and convert over to traditional web CPC price per click advertising rates. All existing flat rate contracts will be honored when the CPC conversion is made.


120x90 px

$45 Per Month
Q - $135
S - $270
A - $450
Clickable Link

120x120 px

$50 Per Month
Q - $150
S - $300
A - $500


120x150 px

$75 Per Month
Q - $225
S - $450
A - $750

120x240 px

$100 Per Month
Q - $300
S - $600
A - $1,000
Q-Quarterly * S-Semi-Annual * A-Annual

SETUP FEES - If you provide the ad ready-made, then the set-up fee is waived. If we have to create your ad, then fair market fees will be assessed.

CHANGING AD IMAGES - We agree to change your ad image once each month for the duration of your contract. Any additional changes during a month period will be assessed a $25 fee.

FILE TYPE - Please provide your ad in the GIF 128 format. If you only have it in jpg, tiff, png, or bmp, then we will need to convert it for you and fair market fees will be assessed.

IMAGE SIZE - Set up your image to the dimensions shown above.

CLICKABLE LINKS - Each ad has its own clickable link. This link leads to a specialty page on our website. For the normal advertising fee we will create a redirect script that leads clients automatically from our site to a webpage of your choice. Or, for $100 per month, we can set up a specialty page on our website spotlighting your product or service.

PARTNER PROGRAM - For advertisers with specialty products such as books, art, specialty training, apparel, services, or dog care equipment, we would love to enter into a partnership program where we benefit from each sale derived our site visitor's purchases. This partnership gives us the incentive to help you make the sale and we would set up a specialty page on our site spotlighting your product. Depending upon the type of product or service and the type of commission being shared, we would adjust or waive the normal advertising fees, as appropriate.

To place an order please visit our online order form. We accept either checks or the 4 major credit cards.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that we feel is inappropriate.
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